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for over 60 years

Custom Springs & Wire Forms

Compression springs, extension springs torsion springs large and small to your spec.


Why Choose Us?

Here in Venice Florida, everyday is a beach day because we foster a stress-free environment. Great parts can't be made unless the people can feel free to make suggestions and think about the project at hand.

As a customer, you will have that resort feel and you can expect fast communications, concierge service  and  consistently superior product quality with on-time delivery and fair pricing.

At Southern Spring & Stamping, we reduce stress with an ISO 9001 certified quality management program and great workflow procedures. As a result, we can help you improve productivity, reduce costs and reject rates, and increase customer satisfaction with the products you create.

Southern Spring & Stamping, Inc. is a family founded, owned, and operated company and for over six decades Southern Spring has produced springs, stampings, and sheet metal fabrications.

Everytime we exceed a customers needs, their needs get even bigger so we invest, and bring that process in-house to serve them even better. And we don't shy away from technology. From self correcting spring manufacturing systems to in-line heat treat and even robotic welding and co-bot sheet metal polishing, our technology helps our human workers because in the long run a machine will never ask you how your day was.

132,000 sq. ft.

ISO 9001

family owned

competitive pricing






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  • Go for custom springs if:

    Your application requires a very specific performance or has unique space constraints.

    You need a high level of precision and control over the spring's behavior.

    Durability in a demanding environment is crucial.

    Opt for stock springs if:

    Your application doesn't require a super precise fit or function, and you don't care about cycle life for your product performance

    Cost is a major concern and a readily available option may meets your basic needs. reliability of your product isn't as important such as a disposable item

  • Performance and Durability: If a poorly fitting stock spring leads to frequent replacements or malfunctions in your application, the cost of those replacements can outweigh the initial cost of a custom spring designed for optimal performance and longevity.


    Inventory Management: Needing to stock a variety of similar but slightly different stock springs to fit various applications can tie up valuable inventory space and resources. A single, well-designed custom spring can eliminate the need for multiple stock options.


    High-Volume Needs (with planning): If you anticipate needing a high volume of custom springs in the future, the initial setup costs can be amortized over a larger quantity, making them more cost-effective per unit in the long run. However, this requires some upfront planning and commitment to the custom design.

  • This refers to the amount of force or torque the spring needs to handle and how much it will deflect under that load. Specifying these requirements ensures the spring has the necessary strength and flexibility for your application.

  • Different materials offer varying strength, corrosion resistance, and operating temperature ranges. The manufacturer can advise on the most suitable material based on your needs and environment.

  • Provide the spring's desired dimensions (length, wire diameter, etc.) and the acceptable level of variation for those dimensions. This ensures the spring fits correctly within your design while maintaining functionality.

  • Knowing your production needs helps us determine if we can meet your order quantity and timeline. It might also influence the chosen manufacturing method and potential tooling costs. That is why we always advocate to get involved early in the process to help set expectations and give design for manufacturability advice.

  • YES!  Southern Spring is a one-stop shop for metal production needs, with expertise in stamping, sheet metal fabrication, machining, laser cutting and even welding. We also paint, powder coat and silk screen, and with our newest metal printing tool we can make metal nameplastes as fast as your printer outputs a Word doc.


    This comprehensive service allows us to take your project from concept to completion, transforming flat metal into intricate parts beyond just springs and into assemblies and even full product manufacturing and packaging.

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  • Greenville, SC Design-2-Part Show
    Greenville, SC Design-2-Part Show
    Tue, Sep 10
    Sep 10, 2024, 9:30 AM – Sep 11, 2024, 3:30 PM
    Greenville, 1 Exposition Dr, Greenville, SC 29607, USA
    Sep 10, 2024, 9:30 AM – Sep 11, 2024, 3:30 PM
    Greenville, 1 Exposition Dr, Greenville, SC 29607, USA
    September 10th & 11th, 2024 Greenville Convention Center
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