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Fourslide & Vertislide

Benefits of fourslide stamping

Fourslide stamping allows manufacturers to save money, time, and labor by fabricating intricate parts using a single press. For parts that would typically consist of two pieces, users can manufacture them from a single piece without secondary processing or assembly. Fourslide stamping forms wire or metal strips on three planes.

Southern Spring & Stamping, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business in the spring and stamping industry since 1957. Our fourslide stamping services meet your highest expectations, manufacturing up to 300 parts per minute with minimal waste and expense. Our 100,000-square-foot facility and ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management processes allow us to stamp complex goods for customers across industries.

What is Fourslide Stamping?

A fourslide stamping press has four fixed forming tools. Instead of pressing the workpiece in one direction, the four tools form wire or metal strips at a 90° angle. A fourslide stamping station feeds wire or metal strip through a straightener. The piece is cut and formed or stamped using the slides in a single station. It uses four timed cams to reliably stamp and form a variety of metal strips or wires.

This machine can conduct these operations simultaneously or sequentially, depending on the application. The press handles complex operations that a power press cannot, facilitating the fabrication of numerous part types with minimal scrap.

A growing number of industries and applications are coming to rely on fourslide stamping services. Fourslide stamping offers significant benefits over the traditional power press for small and large production runs. It allows for remarkable intricacy while generating less waste and mitigating the need for secondary processing.

Fourslide stamping vs powerpress stamping at Southern

Fourslide metal stamping offers several advantages over traditional power press stamping, making it a valuable choice for specific manufacturing applications. Here's a breakdown of the key benefits of fourslide stamping:

1. Complex Part Production:

Multiple Slides and Bends: Fourslide machines utilize a series of slides and forming stations, allowing for the creation of intricate parts with multiple bends, curves, and features in a single operation. This eliminates the need for secondary processes like welding or brazing.

2. High-Speed Production:

Continuous Material Feeding: Unlike power presses with stop-and-start operation, fourslide machines continuously feed the metal coil through the forming stations. This translates to faster production speeds, especially for high-volume manufacturing.

3. Tight Tolerances:

Precise Tooling: Fourslide machines can achieve tight tolerances on the stamped parts due to the use of precisely machined tools and the controlled forming process. This reduces the need for post-processing adjustments.

4. Material Savings:

Minimal Scrap: The continuous feeding process and efficient material usage in fourslide stamping minimize scrap generation compared to power presses that might require excess material for tool clearance.

5. Reduced Tooling Costs:

Simpler Tool Design: Fourslide tooling is often simpler and less expensive to manufacture compared to complex power press dies. This can be especially beneficial for low-volume production runs.

6. Faster Tooling Changes:

Modular Design: Fourslide tooling is typically modular, allowing for quicker setup and changeovers between different parts compared to power press dies. This reduces downtime and improves production flexibility.

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