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Southern Spring
Utilizes Lasers 

Laser Cutting up to 1″ Thick Steel

Southern Spring and Stamping, Inc. offers high-quality laser cutting using the latest metal laser cutting machines. Our advanced fiber laser offers up to 6 Kilowatt of power, cutting through 1-inch steel, 3/4 aluminum, and 5/8 copper materials with its 5 x 10 sheet size and interchangeable pallet.

Our fine blanking techniques also provide ultra-precise cuts for any shape or design imaginable. Our professional team guides you through every step of the process, from determining the best solution for your project to providing a hassle-free experience throughout production.


Laser translates to cleaner cuts, tighter tolerances, and minimized material waste. Laser cutting also unlocks exciting design possibilities, allowing for intricate features and shapes that would be impossible with traditional methods. With both laser cutting and fabrication under one roof, Southern Spring & Stamping streamlines your production process, ensuring efficient and cost-effective results for even the most complex projects.

  • Sharper, cleaner cuts: Laser beams are incredibly focused, resulting in narrow kerf widths (the width of material removed during cutting) and minimal material distortion. This translates to clean edges on sheet metal parts, perfect for applications requiring a high-quality finish, like appliance components or architectural panels.

  • Reduced waste: Traditional cutting methods often involve physical tools that remove a larger portion of material. Laser cutting's precise nature minimizes waste, leading to cost savings for manufacturers and a more environmentally friendly process.

  • Faster production: Laser cutters operate with high speeds and automation capabilities. This significantly reduces cutting times compared to manual methods, allowing for quicker turnaround times and increased production output.

  • Complex designs made possible: Unlike mechanical tools limited by physical shapes, lasers can create intricate and detailed designs on various materials. This opens doors for innovative product features and unique aesthetics in applications like medical devices, jewelry, or designer furniture.

  • Improved product quality: The precision and repeatability of laser cutting ensures consistent, high-quality parts. This minimizes the need for rework and rejects, leading to a more reliable and efficient manufacturing process.

  • Versatility across materials: Depending on the laser type and power, contract manufacturers can utilize lasers for cutting, drilling, and marking on a wide range of materials. This includes metals, plastics, wood, fabrics, and even certain composites.


Fiber Laser vs CO2

  • Beam Quality: While both lasers offer precision, fiber lasers boast superior beam quality due to their smaller wavelength. This translates to even tighter cuts and potentially eliminates the need for secondary finishing steps on highly detailed parts.

  • Maintenance Needs: CO2 lasers require regular maintenance on the gas mixture and the discharge electrodes. Fiber lasers, on the other hand, have a simpler solid-state design with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.

  • Energy Efficiency: Fiber lasers are significantly more energy-efficient than CO2 lasers. They can achieve the same cutting power with less electrical input, leading to lower operating costs.

  • Beam Delivery: CO2 lasers typically require complex mirrors and enclosures to deliver the laser beam. Fiber lasers, due to their design, can transmit the beam through a flexible fiber optic cable. This allows for easier integration into automated systems and greater flexibility in workspace setup.

  • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ): The focused beam of a fiber laser minimizes the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) around the cut area. This means less thermal distortion on the surrounding material, crucial for applications where maintaining material properties is critical, like in aerospace components.

  • Environmental Impact: CO2 lasers use a gas mixture that needs to be disposed of properly. Fiber lasers don't have such environmental concerns and their higher energy efficiency translates to a lower carbon footprint.

Exceptional laser cutting services from Southern Spring and Stamping

Southern Spring and Stamping, Inc. can cover all your laser cutting needs – from prototypes to large and complex projects. Our team of experienced professionals prioritizes quality and accuracy, working with you every step of the way to meet tight deadlines. We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results that make your project successful.
Our cutting technology is uniquely capable of meeting all of your production requirements quickly and professionally. Our attention to detail ensures that each project is tailored to your specifications.
With the latest advancements in cutting technology, Southern Spring and Stamping is the leader in precision services. Contact us or request a quote today — let us help you create products that exceed your expectations!

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