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Custom precision
Springs & Wireforms

Extension, compression, torsion and more…

Finding the right custom spring manufacturer goes beyond just getting a quote. We are a company of experienced engineers who can collaborate on your design and recommend the optimal spring for your needs. Southern Spring has a wide range of materials and advanced manufacturing processes to handle complex shapes and tight tolerances.


We prioritize quality with inspections and testing to ensure consistent performance. Value-added services like in-house finishing, sheet metal and machining with assembly will further streamline your project and guarantee exceptional results.

Engineering Expertise and Design Support:

  • We are a manufacturing partner, looking to work with you for the long run.. 

  • We analyze your application's requirements and suggest the optimal spring design for performance and efficiency.

  • We even offer prototyping services to help you validate your design before full production.

Manufacturing Capabilities and Flexibility:

  • A wider range of material options allows us to tailor the springs to your specific needs. This might include high-performance alloys, corrosion-resistant materials, or exotic wires for unique applications.

  • Advanced manufacturing processes like CNC coiling, multi-slide forming, and heat treating ensure they can produce complex spring shapes and achieve tight tolerances.

  • We offer flexibility in production volume. We  handle small batch orders for prototyping or large-scale production runs for established designs.

Quality Assurance and Testing:

  • We prioritize quality with strict inspection procedures throughout the production process to ensure your springs meet your exact specifications and deliver consistent performance.

  • Inquire about our testing capabilities, such as load testing, fatigue testing, and dimensional analysis.

Additional Services and Customer Support:

  • Our value-added services that can streamline your project. This includes secondary finishes like painting or powder coating, and assembly services to integrate the springs with other components.

By choosing a custom spring manufacturer that offers these aspects, you gain a partner who can ensure your springs are not just functional, but optimized for your application, produced with high quality, and delivered with excellent service.

At Southern Spring & Stamping, we offer custom spring and wire form manufacturing capabilities. Equipped with over six decades of industry experience and a more than 100,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility, our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools to produce quality springs and wire forms that meet some of the most complex and unusual design specifications.

These  videos explain quality control

small springs.jpg

Large or small

Wire size: .004” to .472”

Helix direction: left or right

In-house finishing: powder coating, color coding, ground square, shot peening, stress relieving, and tumbling

Value-added services: assembly, deburring, plating, and trimming

Multi-Axis CNC Wire Formers
CNC Spring Coilers
Secondary forming stations

Compression Springs
Extension Springs
Torsion & Double Torsion Springs
Belleville Springs

Spring and wire forming at Southern

Springs and other wire forms are manufactured using wire forming equipment. These machines progressively shape and form wire into the desired designs by bending it around mechanical tooling. Wire forming operations can be controlled manually or by computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, depending on the degree of precision and accuracy required. In addition to forming, other manufacturing processes may be employed in the production of springs and wire forms—such as cold heading, 3D bending, spot welding, stamping, and finishing—to ensure the finished parts meet requirements.

At Southern Spring & Stamping, Inc., we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of springs and wire forms. In addition to compression, extension, torsion/double torsion, Belleville, and clock springs, we manufacture custom-shaped wire forms. Our capabilities include:

  • Wire size: .004 to .472 inches

  • Helix direction: left and right

  • In-house finishing: powder coating, color coding, ground square, shot peening, stress relieving, and tumbling

  • Outsourced finishing: anodizing, electropolishing, enameling, galvanizing, heat treating, painting, passivating, and electroplating

  • Value-added services: assembly, deburring, plating, and trimming

For additional information about our spring and wire form manufacturing services, view our infographic to the right or contact us today.

  • Compression Springs

  • Extension Springs

  • Torsion & Double Torsion Springs

  • Belleville Springs

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