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prototype to long run stampings

Stamping with in-house tool & die capabilities

We take pride in offering comprehensive in-house metal stamping solutions to meet your production needs. Our facility boasts progressive die machines with beds up to 40 inches, allowing us to tackle a wide range of project sizes and complexities. This advanced equipment is complemented by our very own tool room, ensuring full control over the stamping process and the ability to quickly adapt to your design specifications. Whether you require a short run to test the waters or a full production ramp-up, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results with efficiency and flexibility.

The manufacturing industry is ever-evolving, and Southern Spring and Stamping, Inc. have been at the forefront for years. As one of the world’s leading metal forming service providers, we pride ourselves in offering sophisticated metal stamping, precision tool & die design/build capabilities, and value-added services to customers.

From simple systems such as mechanical presses to more complex opportunities like dieless punch pressing tools that offer engineering mobility – nothing is out of reach when partnering with Southern Spring and Stamping. With these processes, we can help maximize your operational performance for sheet metal stamping.


Advantages of in-house tool & die

Our metal stamping and in-house tool and die operations are some of the best in the industry. We understand that sheet metal stamping can be complex and require a high degree of expertise, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for all their metal stamping needs. Our production method involves:

  • Coining

  • Forming

  • Fully Sheared Edges

  • MIG Welding

  • Progressive Die Presses

  • Blank Dies Form Dies

  • Spot Welding

Progressive die stamping and more

At Southern Spring & Stamping, we understand that every project has unique needs. Whether you require a low-volume prototype or a high-production run, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver exceptional results. For shorter runs or intricate parts, we utilize our hand-fed stamping presses, ensuring precise control and flexibility during the stamping process. This method is ideal for bringing your initial designs to life or for producing smaller batches. However, for larger volume orders, we leverage the efficiency of our coil-fed progressive die stamping equipment. This automated system allows us to manufacture complex parts consistently and rapidly, keeping costs down for high-quantity production runs.


Metal stamping is a cost-effective manufacturing process that offers numerous benefits to different industries.

  • It produces quality parts and provides shorter lead times, greater design flexibility, and improved efficiency.

  • With tool and die technology, metal stamping produces accurate, consistent parts with tight tolerances and repeatable accuracy. This makes it ideal for the mass production of high-volume products such as automotive components or electrical connectors.

  • The durability of stamped metals means they can withstand extreme conditions without compromising their performance.

  • Metal stampings are also ideal for prototyping because they are easily formed into complex geometries without requiring additional machining or finishing processes.

  • Tool and die technology allows for quick and easy customization of parts to suit specific needs, making this manufacturing process versatile and cost-effective. It also reduces the need for manual processes, leading to fewer emissions from transportation and decreased water and air pollution.

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